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A Word on Warranties
(Well, Ok, a few words!)

ACx makes a big deal out of warranties. We recommend them, we offer them.  On this page we will give both the buyer and the seller some good reasons to offer them.  We also explain the basics of what is and what is not covered.  As each piece of equipment that has a warranty is generally offered by a different seller (except for the units offered by ACx personally) we strongly urge the buyer to ask before committing to the equipment.  More on this below.

OK, ACx makes a big deal out of warranties, why?

Reason 1

We have found that warranties increase a buyer’s comfort level when the seller has enough confidence to attach even a 30 day “money back” warranty to new equipment.  ACx encourages Sellers of used equipment to give warranties careful consideration.  Let’s face it, buyers expect warranted equipment to cost more and it should!  You have taken a risk factor away and given the buyer more value.

Reason 2

Re-built and re-manufactured equipment should have a warranty that matches the level of service performed.  New air compressors today generally have a 5-year warranty and in at least one case, a 10-year warranty on the air end (Comp Air Corporation, Sydney, Ohio).  Attaching a one or two year warranty let’s the buyer know that you have confidence in your work and therefore it creates a “low-risk” buying atmosphere.

Reason 3

ACx is committed to taking the risk out of buying what can be a mysterious piece of equipment, an air compressor.  We put our warranty where our mouth is too!  Our re-built air compressors come with a minimum 1-year warranty on the air end!

In short, warranties are a great thing all around. They benefit both the buyer and the seller.

A Short Story to Illustrate the Point

We recently turned down a used air compressor because the seller stated that he didn’t have the “ability” to check the hour meter.  I’m sorry, that is absurd!  We questioned this and were told that the hour meter was digital and he didn’t have the compressor hooked up.  We then explained to him exactly how to accomplish this very simply.  His response was that he “refused” to spend the $200 for an electrician to find out this vital piece of information.  Fair enough except that the equipment was valued at well over $50,000!  Penny-wise and pound foolish, perhaps.  Something to hide?  You be the judge. 

Available Warranties

NEW- New equipment will, in all cases, come with the manufacturer’s warranty.  Warranties vary with both the equipment and the manufacturer so check the page of the equipment you’re thinking of purchasing.

USED- Used equipment will generally have a warranty that varies from “as-is where-is” to 30, 60 or 90 days from either purchase or receipt of goods.  This varies tremendously and in some cases, can be negotiated as part of the sale.  If you have questions, ASK BEFORE YOU BUY!

REBUILT / RE-MANUFACTURED – While these terms have specific legal definitions, most people either don’t know that or make certain assumptions about the terms that they shouldn’t.

            Suffice it to say you should inquire about the level of rebuilding that the equipment has undergone.  Has it just had its yearly PM (preventative maintenance) service or were the air end and motor re-built.  Many rebuilders have a minimum list of service that will qualify the unit, in their eyes, for the designation or “re-built”.  Once again, ask for this list.  ACx includes theirs with every rebuilt air compressor quotation.  As an illustration, ours is listed below.  We are not saying that our list is the only list or the minimum list.  It is included merely as a guide that will give the buyer a starting point for asking questions.

Minimum work performed during the rebuilding or ACx air compressors:

Air Compressor will be rebuilt to include the following:

  • New Air Filter
  • New Oil Filter
  • New Separator
  • New Synthetic Oil
  • Rebuild (or replace) Inlet Valve
  • Rebuild (or replace) Minimum Pressure Check valve
  • Clean and check all control lines.
  • Rebuild or replace control valves
  • Inspect and clean all electrical components.
  • Rebuilt Electric Motor Including:
    • New Bearings
    • New Seals
    • Load tested
    • Balanced rotors
  • Rebuilt Air End Including
    • New Bearings
    • New Seals
    • Polish Rotors
    • Balance Rotors to ISO STD 1940 G 2.5 or better.

This unit will completely assembled and tested and come with a 160 day “bumper to bumper” and a 1 year warranty on the air end and motor.

We hope this information has been valuable.  If you have questions about warranties, please contact ACx at 1-800-531-1136 or email us at



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