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Frequently Asked Questions

ACx Rates -- Equipment Sale

No charge to list equipment on ACx website

Acx Equipment Sale Commission Rate: 15%
Minimum charge, if a sale is completed: $ 250.00

ACx Equipment Rental Rate: 15%

Seller (Rentor) Responsibilities

1. Represent equipment ethically.
2. Advise ACx of sale. Hold equipment until ACx advises payment is received.
3. Complete the ACx Equipment Inspection Report and send to ACx.
4. Ship equipment.

Buyer (Renter) Responsibilities

1. At time of sale price agreement, forward payment to ACx
2. Buyer is responsible for freight cost.
3. Unload equipment.
4. Inspect equipment and determine if it meets the stated warranty. Warranties can vary from "as-is-where-is" to a year or more. While ACx encourages a minimum of a 30 day "right-of-return" we cannot automatically apply this to brokered equipment.
5. Advise ACx that equipment is acceptable.
6. If equipment is not acceptable, be specific on actual vs. represented condition and document everything in writing. Pictures are very helpful at this stage for two reasons. First, Acx very often has not seen other than a photo supplied by the seller and second, to date, ACx has only experienced problems with machinery damaged in transit so the "before and after" photos are invaluble for claims filed with the carrier.

ACx dispute settlement

ACx dispute settlement rates are responsibility of Seller. ACx rates are $ 600.00 per day, plus air fare. If travel is within 200 miles of Toledo, Ohio, ACx rates are 600.00 per day. An alternate to ACx travel is for Seller to authorize prepaid shipment of equipment to ACx. ACx rates for shop inspection are, $ 70.00 per hour.
If agreement between Buyer and Seller can not be reached within 5 working days, ACx has final right to settle dispute. ( See ACx rates to resolve dispute.)
If Seller misrepresents equipment, Seller is liable for all dispute settlement costs.
If Seller did not misrepresent the equipment, Buyer is liable for all dispute settlement costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a fee for listing air compressor equipment at ACx?
A: No. You may register as a Seller, then list as many Air Compressors as you wish. A fee is paid, based on a percentage of the purchase price, only after a sale is made.

Q: What if I don't find what I'm looking for?
A: Listings are added every day. We encourage you to check back, and to register for free monthly e-mailed equipment listings, customized based on specifications you give.

Q: Can new equipment be listed on ACx?
A: Sure! Although, the vast majority of equipment listed here is used. After all, buying used equipment saves you 40-70%!

Q: What if the equipment I buy at ACx isn't what I expected?
A: You'll receive an inspection sheet with your equipment. You have five days after receipt of your equipment to complete the inspection sheet and return it to file a dispute. If a Buyer's position in a dispute is deemed accurate by ACx, the full purchase price will be returned and the Seller becomes responsible for all shipping charges.

Q: What if I really don't know what compressor I need?
A: CALL US! Our friendly staff will be glad to help with your selection.


Air Compressor Exchange Buyer / Seller Agreement


Type of Equipment (circle the appropriate choice):

  1. New Equipment Purchased from ACx directly
  2. Used/reconditioned equipment purchased directly from ACx
  3. Brokered equipment (either new or used)

We, the undersigned, agree to the following regarding the sale/purchase of used and/or rebuilt (re-conditioned) equipment listed for sale on the Air Compressor Exchange, Ltd., hereafter known as ACx, website.

It is understood by both the buyer and seller that ACx is acting as broker in this transaction.  It is further understood that ACx is receiving a percentage of the sale price to act in this capacity.

ACx, in its capacity of broker, offers no warranty on the listed equipment.  Any warranty for listed equipment originates with the seller and only the seller is liable for any repairs under said warranty.  Seller will, in all cases where a warranty is offered, provide said warranty in writing.  ACx, while always available for consultation in warranty matters, will not act as arbiter in the unlikely event of a dispute.

Payment for purchased equipment will be made to ACx, ltd. Who will deduct their commission and forward the balance on to the seller.  Buyer understands that Seller’s identity and location will be disclosed after payment is received for purchased equipment.  The Buyer agrees to abide by all terms negotiated with both the seller and those with ACx on behalf of the seller.

Seller agrees to misrepresent neither the condition nor the technical specifications of the equipment listed on the ACx website.  In the case of equipment assembled from two or more machines, this must be disclosed along with the approximate age of the machines involved.

Buyer is aware that they are solely responsible for shipping. While ACx will happily arrange for shipping it is the responsibility of the buyer to notify both the seller and ACx of any special shipping requirements (i.e. flat bed service, expedited service, tailgate service, etc.). In the absence of special instructions, ACx, if called upon, will arrange for the least expensive shipping using standard lead times. Further, in the event of shipping damage, the buyer is responsible for filing the appropriate claims. Once again, ACx will be happy to advise in the these matters but bears no responsibility for the actions of the freight company. Freight damage has no bearing on any warranty either expressed or implied.

Finally, all parties to this transaction are expected to bargain in good faith.  ACx firmly believes that we still live in a world where a handshake is important.  The internet has made this more important than ever.

Signature__________________________________________, Date______________

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Signature__________________________________________, Date______________

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ACx Representative:
Signature__________________________________________, Date______________

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